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Joyce Tree Service is owned and operated by Joseph Joyce, Certified Arborist, who specializes in healthy trimming techniques and hazardous tree removals. 

Joyce Tree Service is the premier tree and shrub trimming and removal service for the Lancaster County, PA area for over 25 years. Joyce Tree Service has a full line of services, which include: Tree & Shrub Trimming, Stump Grinding, Hazardous Tree Removal, Cable Bracing, Treatment & Fertilization, Bucket Truck service and Snow Removal.

Joyce Tree Service is fully insured and offers tree care for both residential and commercial properties. Don’t trust your tree’s needs to amateurs who may make expensive mistakes. We offer the wealth of experience, expertise, competitive prices, and free estimates.

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call: (717) 285-5063    (call / text)

Tree Trimming  * Tree Removal * Shrub Trimming and Removal * Stump Grinding * Hazardous Tree Removal * Cable Bracing * Treatment & Fertilization * Bucket Truck Work * Snow Removal * Commercial/Residential * Competitive Rates!

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